Nutrition Fact vs. Fiction: Where to find information?

There are NO MAGIC BULLETS!!! When it comes to nutrition and health, watch out for media (websites, books, magazines, etc.) that promise cures and quick results. These most often DO NOT WORK and can actually be harmful. These articles or sites often use buzz words like “cleanse” or “super food”, and they like to use scare tactics and words like “toxic” and “poison”. Many also suggest completely eliminating a food group from your diet and/or they want to sell you a supplement. They may actually start with a smidgen of truth, but the “truth” gets lost in all of the false information that follows.

So, where to find good and valid information?

Here is a list of some good places to get information.

Below are a couple of examples of Extension Service resources!

Consult a Nutrition Expert! Consulting a Dietitian or Nutritionist, the nutrition experts, can be a benefit, but if you do, make sure they are licensed with the New Mexico State Nutrition and Dietetics Practice Board. Many who say they are “nutrition experts” do not have the educational background and credentials needed for licensing. There are some web-based programs offering a “certification” in nutrition after only a few days’ worth of learning online, but Licensed Dietitians and Nutritionists are health professionals who have at least a 4 year college degree or higher in nutrition and have proven their knowledge and skills by taking an accredited national exam.

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